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Introducing myself

I was born in Rome with a suitcase always at hand. Curious by nature, I grew up with the conviction that in every part of the world there are possibilities just by being able to grasp the positivity inherent in change.

I graduated in languages, because if you can speak another language besides your own you can make the journey the real discovery, and I build a post-graduate education with a view to life-long learning.


Apparently the nearest destination is the Old Continent, but it is not yet the Europe of today and not the EU of opportunities to be seized. After various stages, my post-graduate education is focused on international and European issues: from cooperation to geopolitics, from EU policies to tourism and entrepreneurship not only in Italy.

An experimenter before being an entrepreneur, after a period of work in a multinational company, I set up an entrepreneurial activity dealing with conception, writing and management for European projects. But also training in the same field, because I am convinced that one must never stop learning.

Today I have decades of experience behind me, the same experience that enabled me to become a national expert as a project evaluator and consultant for institutions, organizations and companies.

I define myself more as a creator of the new than one who values the old, when something is wrong, I close and open to the new.

So I founded several companies, some in Italy, in Belgium and recently in Estonia.


I never improvise, I always study. This is a must for me.

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I am intrigued by challenges and the possibility of new frontiers and new possibilities, always looking at a new world to rebuild. I do not find myself infected by old patterns.

My work is essentially to support the development of those capacities, study opportunities, promote European policies and develop meeting points by creating transnational networks and developing new cooperation relationships.

My business is also a laboratory of ideas, new training, training new profiles and an incubator of new creative activities with the support of those with a vision ‘beyond’ and never looking at the surface but stimulating the deep around and within us.
In-depth training in personal development has enabled me to be what I am today.

Determination, concreteness, responsibility and vision are the qualities I recognize and carry with me at all times, with the conviction that ‘listening and embracing life by always looking at the new’. Change is my leitmotiv.

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